Tim Mathiesen’s Brilliant! Lighting & Design

Working with Layers of Light.  Collaborating on Good Design.

Good Design is timeless and long-lasting, its unobtrusive, its innovative, and its environmentally friendly.

Good Lighting Design is all that and provides joy, safety, wellness, personal expression, unique character and highlights architectural detail in our spaces and in our lives. Good Lighting Design creates a positive visceral response.

Tim Mathiesen’s Brilliant! Lighting & Design is a collaborative design practice, specializing in the lighting and design of spaces where we live and work, and the production of special events. In part the work is “Atmosphere Design”, planning how spaces and objects get illuminated & accentuated, setting the mood within, and addressing the needs of the inhabitants & visitors. Manipulating light and dark, incorporating day-lighting and shadow-play, considering aesthetics, personal choices, and the ‘big picture’ are all elements of every successful project.

Images of Tim’s lighting work have appeared in Journal Of Light Construction and Fine Homebuilding, as well as Dwell, Design New England, Cape Cod Life, Custom Home, Solar Today, and Vineyard Style magazines.

Services include Lighting Design, Day-lighting Consultation, Design Consultation, & Special Event Planning/Production.

Spaces (inside or out, small or large) where we spend our time want to be adjustable to our varied desires, needs, or moods. So light wants to be projected into those spaces through a variety of means, or more simply, by utilizing layers of light.

Brilliant! experiences include lighting modern to colonial, and contemporary to victorian styles; In a variety of construction / renovation techniques, both residential and commercial; Exterior living spaces and landscapes too. Plus, working with the most current crop of energy-efficient lamps, using a multi-source and multi-control approach overall.

In all cases, experience teaches us that the collaboration between partners is of greatest importance, and the greatest joy. The design process is at its’ most successful when all participants work to create a unique vision for the project. In this way many voices can be heard, then a discerning eye and deeply mindful understanding can be applied to reach the best of all possible solutions.

Brilliant! owner Tim Mathiesen began his interest in lighting design through his passion for live performances. The type of work included theater, off-Broadway, opera & summer stock; dance companies small to large, classical to modern; nightclubs; music concerts showcasing many of the icons of rock, blues, jazz, reggae & symphony; plus video & independent film. Those experiences, over 40 years of performance work, often inform unique approaches to current design projects.
While living on Martha’s Vineyard he transitioned to architectural lighting. This centered on work as an independent lighting consultant and as resident lighting designer with the design/build firm of South Mountain Company. Since entering this architectural arena projects have been both captivating & varied: new construction and renovation, barn conversions, garages, dance and yoga studios, restaurants, ski lodges and landscapes.

Influences and inspirations are constantly evolving and changing. Some elements include the work of Dieter Rams, Philip Johnson, Eero SaarinenOscar NiemeyerLe Corbusier and Mies van der RoheIngo Maurer, Noguchi, and Philippe Starck. The simplicity of modern and Scandinavian design aesthetics are also quite appealing with the likes of Alvar Aalto, Poul Henningsen, and Arne Jacobsen.

Tim is an Associate Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society. Along with this Brilliant! website, online profiles, portfolios and inspiration are at a variety of sites, which include both professional and personal work. Please visit any & all to see what Tim does and what informs and inspires his designs.

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  1. Simon Chu says:


    I am the Co-Owner of Hillside Variety Store, a new brick and mortar retail chain in Barbados specializing in importing products like yours. We are opening two locations next month and we need stock. Your products would be a great fit and we want to carry your items. People here would love it.

    Do you do bulk orders?

    Can you send us your sell sheet with pricing please or do we look at your website and send you a purchase order form? We can take care of the freight.

    Do we need to open an account or can we buy direct? We do not need a term but would like to get a discount on our opening order if this works for you.

    We can send you pictures of our store if you request but we are not fully opened yet and we would be launching our website soon also, we need to place our orders as soon as possible if the products are going to be here for the grand opening so I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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