What does that mean?

I am a Lighting Designer.

What does that mean (at least to me, and how could it benefit you)?

As a lighting designer, much of my work is in ‘atmosphere design’. In part this means planning how spaces (and the objects within) get illuminated & accentuated, about setting the tone or mood, and working at addressing the needs of the inhabitants & visitors.

Mine is a collaborative design practice. It always revolves around you as the client and often includes Architectural Designer, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, and Electrician. Like these professionals, I have years of educational and project experiences to bring to bear on any design challenge. I believe an added bonus for me is years of work in the entertainment arena (dance, opera, theatre, music concerts, and touring) which give me a bit of a different perspective.

How we go about manipulating light and dark, incorporating day-lighting and shadow-play, choosing fixtures & materials, considering your (the client) personal choices, and the ‘big picture’ and overall design aesthetics are all elements of a successful project with an outcome you’ll be pleased with for generations to come. Good Design is timeless.

Like many of the design team members mentioned, I work through a number of design phases covering everything from initial concepts to occupancy. During design development I’ll work on possible inclusion of the latest technologies to keep the project as current / future-ready as possible; I’ll research best available lamping and use of color & tunable white lighting (more on color & tunable white lighting options in a separate future post); I’ll consider any light (and sound – yes, some lighting emits sounds) sensitivity you may have; and we’ll look at the overall style aesthetic for the spaces. Further along the design path we’ll have plenty of opportunity for dialog about what the lighting design / layout is going to accomplish, how the layering of light in the spaces will look, and about actual fixture proposals. During design documentation I’ll refine the fixture proposals, create the final design / layout and a fixture schedule to be used by the electrician to make fixture purchases and installation. The layout will specify fixture & switching locations, dimming functions, specific lamping for fixtures, applicable smarthome technologies, etc. In the actual construction phase I work to address any electrician / contractor needs. As the project reaches completion, I’m available to work on a final focus of any adjustable lighting included in the project so that the design elements are fully realized as you move in. I also like to review the project objectives and get client feedback after you have settled in to your new space.

Everyone deserves good design and great lighting.
Please be in touch.

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