Tiny House Festival VT Followup

As some may have noted from other postings, I was asked to give a presentation on Lighting & Interior Design for Small Spaces at the first Tiny House Festival VT in Brattleboro VT this fall.

Here now, a copy of the talk I gave.

I’m pleased with the message, & the reception from those in attendance, even while being somewhat rushed on time. While this AV edit is a bit rough, a hat tip & many thanks to BCTV for all their efforts under unusual conditions that day.

I was also fortunate to be followed by Lina Menard of Niche Consulting, a tiny house design consultant from Portland OR. Another great take on tiny house design!

Both talks have great information on design, no matter what size you’re considering.
Shout out to the festival organizers for a job well done.
Onward to THFVT 2017!

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