Exciting Project on the board!

Quite excited to be asked to collaborate on the design team for a church preservation / renovation / addition project!

Here is the early story of the project beginnings, of a local hero attempting to save a piece of history in her town. I loved reading about the early dreams they had for this place!

One portion of architect Robert Swinburne‘s initial thoughts on the project during his early design work:
“This is an old church begin turned into a modern home. My approach with this design is to minimally impact the large main space of the church. … We are looking at a full height metal and glass separation from the large area of the church (from the residence addition) which will provide some acoustical changes, affect the heat distribution, lighting and provide a more intimate feeling for fewer occupants.  Large sliding panels will allow this curtain wall to open up.”
A short video made by the architect leading the design team, with glimpses of what the project will become!

Taking this original early 1900s St. Mary’s on the Lake church from this…
…to this!
One of my early interior renderings.
Here, the reverse view from the residence addition.

Further updates will be posted as it all comes together!

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I read most of all the articles on this church soon to be amazing home. What a great project to be part of. Are the lights in the drawings your design? I also see that you are listed on the arch. firms website on the home page of collaborators. Congratulations!

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