More New Project News!

I’ve been selected by the Windham Foundation to design lighting for the Turner Hill Interpretive Center in Grafton VT. This building is part of Vermont’s African American Heritage Trail.

While the Foundation continues their work on the Turner Homestead, the former Law Office (above, located at 31 Townshend Rd., Grafton, VT) serves to tell the story of the Alec Turner family and their part in Grafton’s rich history.

Alec Turner was an escaped slave who fought with the Union Army before settling in Grafton in 1872. He worked as a logger and sawmill worker until he saved up to buy 150 acres on a Grafton hilltop. There he built a home where he was to raise 13 children together with his wife, Sally Turner, a freed slave. His daughter Daisy tells the family’s tales that line the Center’s walls.

I hope to honor & enhance their story by bringing light to the Center for the first time.


MARCH 2020 UPDATE: The first image after project completion… More to come…

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