Feature / Statement Lighting to Enjoy

I have been thinking about this post for some time. Occasionally I see some post / article in one of my feeds that attempts to codify the ‘best’ feature or statement lighting fixtures ever. If you’re interested in lighting, you’ve probably seen similar articles. I tend to finish reading with some sense of disappointment. Though I’ve come to realize this is all quite subjective and varies through the eyes of the beholder.
My own selections therefore will be just that – my own, not some definitive list that each reader will agree with or select from.

To begin, it might be best to discuss what I believe a Feature or Statement light fixture is…
By definition, Feature can mean ‘a distinctive attribute’, and Statement can mean a ‘clear expression of something’. Make sense so far?
Near the beginning of each design project, I ask my clients if they wish to feature a light somewhere. I explain this might be that fixture that makes one smile or feel joyful. It might be that special purchase made, or perhaps a stunning show piece or timeless classic. Maybe its something handed down & cherished. I want to find a way to properly incorporate that into the finished design for their space.

Here is one example of something special that qualifies as a feature: Clients had gotten two post lights from a favorite city park (that had been replaced / upgraded), we converted them to pendants and mounted them in the entrance hall to their new home. A feature unlike any other home.

So, a selection of my current favorites that I believe to be special:

Buoyant Airon Glow – so elegant.

Moooi Paper chandelier – a classic form, immediately recognizable, yet modernized.

Umage Eos – I love that this feathery creature can be cleaned by turning a blow-dryer on to it if it gets a bit dusty.

Vibia Halley – like the comet streaking overhead!

Foscarini Solar – outdoor fun.

Vibia Meridano – versatile outdoor series for seating, table, and sconce.

LZF Swirl & Link & Orbit – various wood veneers / colors are available.

StudioItaliaDesign Thor – wall or ceiling lighting, we love adjustable lighting!

Serge Mouille – an iconic French classic.

Ochre Arctic Pear – shear glass perfection available in round / oval / wave forms.

Flos Arco – classic and timeless.

Poulsen PH5 – one of many unique lights to come from the mid-century modern era. Truly a classic design.

Mayice Studio Filamento – a unique sculptural art piece.

Each time I have the opportunity to suggest / install one of these (and other unique items I find) into a finished design, I get to do a little dance knowing I’ve created something special!
What are your own favorites to feature, fixtures you consider special, something that makes a statement? Let me know in the comments.

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