Tiny House Lighting

Prior to the first Tiny House Fest VT in 2016, I was hired to design a lighting layout for a THoW (Tiny House on Wheels) for Erin, one of the Fest organizers.
There are now some images of the finished home. You’ll see that just because the space is small, there is no need to skimp on style.

Outside, the small LED cubes over the deck provide up & down light without protruding past the roof overhang (so legally within limits for travel).

Panton Flowerpot pendants illuminate the kitchen space.

Euro-style sconces offer light to work areas and minimal contemporary table lamps can swivel up to bounce light or down for direct light to read by.

You can learn more about Erin & Kevin’s THoW here. Listen to the podcast and view more images of this wonderful design.

Here are some additional ideas for lighting in Tiny Houses:Kreon’s Dolma fixture (shown above) is an in-wall fixture that can help to maximize THoW widths and stay within safe travel limitations. It can project both up & down lighting.

LEDs are certainly the best overall way to light, as the most energy-efficient & power-miserly of currently available lighting technologies.
LED tapes are thin and easy to hide, available in various color temperatures, tunable white, or in color-changing varieties.
LED bulbs (for any screw-in type fixtures) from Cree, Philips, & Soraa are some of the best.
LED ‘wafer‘ (flat panel) fixtures give the look of a recessed fixture in 1″ or less depth.

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