Photometry is the science concerned with measuring visual response to light, in terms of its perceived brightness to the human eye. Because the eye is a highly complex organ, this is by no means a simple task. OK, that’s a simplified definition, without the formulas & technical issues that drive the work. Depending on your point …

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What Makes Good Lighting?

I begin with a caveat – This is an opinion piece. First, I’d like to define what I mean when discussing ‘Good Lighting’. Good Lighting is timeless and long-lasting, it’s innovative, it’s unobtrusive, and it’s environmentally friendly. Good Lighting provides joy, safety, wellness, personal expression, unique character, and highlights detail in our spaces and in our …

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Tiny House Festival VT Followup

As some may have noted from other postings, I was asked to give a presentation on Lighting & Interior Design for Small Spaces at the first Tiny House Festival VT in Brattleboro VT this fall. Here now, a copy of the talk I gave. I’m pleased with the message, & the reception from those in …

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What does that mean?

I am a Lighting Designer. What does that mean (at least to me, and how could it benefit you)? As a lighting designer, much of my work is in ‘atmosphere design’. In part this means planning how spaces (and the objects within) get illuminated & accentuated, about setting the tone or mood, and working at addressing …

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Sharing Clients’ Love!

I do enjoy getting feedback of all types from all my clients, whenever it comes up. I really love when I’m invoicing my design work and get replies like these: M.F. writes after our design work on a kitchen / pantry lighting design… “…(the electrician) was here today and did the pantry lighting.  Looks great. He will …

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Technically Minded

Two very thoughtful technical articles linked here. Good reference material and additional resources. The first an open letter from Jim Benya, where he “… urges the lighting community to focus its attention on LED lighting quality, lest a dangerous precedent be set that ignores color temperature and makes way for glare in the name of energy …

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