For Brilliant! Lighting & Design, we can collaborate in a variety of ways; here are a few:

 Complete Design Services

We meet to discuss design goals, style choices, budget, etc. A proposal is then prepared based on that meeting.

Once acceptable to all parties, the services can include: a lighting design plan (fixtures, switches, duplex, specialty circuits, etc.) matched to floor plans (or reflected ceiling plan if you prefer), a fixture schedule for the electricians, one or more on-site visits during various installation phases, final review and testing during move-in.

Varied digital experience with ArchiCAD, SketchUP and VectorWorks software.

Related services, in addition to lighting design:

We can run digital sun-studies on projects during design to help with glazing decisions.

We can assist you with color and finish selections throughout your project.

 Lighting by the Hour

We meet (in-person or via phone) to review design goals & set a budget, then begin our consultation.

This may address one problem area in your project that needs tweaking;

Or you may need details on the latest light sources to make informed lighting decisions;

This might also cover an on-going phone consult / support throughout your project.

 Single Design Review & Consultation

We review your completed plans and make recommendations for possible improvements. Done for a set fee TBD based on the project complexity.

• Fees

Typically I approach an initial project meeting and early design development review as a 60-90 minute session in your space. This is to learn about your design aesthetic, proposed material choices, any budgetary concerns, etc. since these details have an impact on developing the best lighting. During our time together we will consider design features & fixture options. The session fee is $200. As an end result, we can set the scope of services needed moving forward and/or estimate a lighting design budget for the project collaboration.

Projects are performed on an hourly basis or contract fee, amount varies.

Note: In all cases, meetings and reviews would be done in person as geography allows. If not possible then phone, email, Skype calls, or digital exchanges can be utilized.

Mac (preferred) and PC formats accepted.

Contact Brilliant! to inquire about a future collaboration.

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