Table Lamps Galore!

Along with my wife Robin, in our Mathiesen & Mathiesen Design partnership, we have just recently finished a photo shoot of Raku & Obvara (aka Baltic Raku) pottery table lamps & vases for ceramic artist Jenifer Morier @ LightenUp Studio in Guilford VT. Presenting here, a few of our favorite shots.


Raku is a type of Japanese pottery and Jen’s works include crackle glaze, brilliant colors and hints of copper tones. Of Obvara, Jen says its “A centuries-old process where glaze-less pots are fired to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit then plunged into a fermented brew of flour, yeast, water, and sugar. Smells like burnt toast, in a good way.”

I was able to consult on sourcing electrical supplies (cording, Edison bases, dimmers, etc.) The lamps are equipped with Cree & Philips LED A-lamp bulbs, most with dimmers, ready to dress up your tables for work & play!

Next up we’re creating sconces from new Raku pieces, stay tuned!

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